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My backyard is one of my favorite places. How about you? Do you love your backyard?

I think you should…

For an aquaponics system there is no place better!

Not only do you have more space… You have privacy, flexibility, and more possibilities for the food you can grow. I have a small indoor system in my home, and even one on my front patio, but without a doubt the backyard is the best.

I’ve put together this short guide on the most important things you need to consider when it comes to setting up a system in your backyard.

First I will go over considerations of climate, seasons, and greenhouses for outdoor growers. Then I’ll highlight the 5 key benefits to locating your system in the backyard. And then I’ll help you get started with some fantastic step by step resources.

Need a refresher on what aquaponics is and how it works? Click Here for our Introduction to Aquaponics.


  1. Climate, Seasons, and Greenhouses
  2. The 5 Key Benefits of a Backyard System
  3. How to Get Started – Backyard Aquaponics Step by Step

Climate, Seasons, and Greenhouses

The first thing to consider when deciding on your strategy for utilizing your backyard is your climate. If you live in Australia then your approach is going to be much different than someone who lives in England or the west coast of America.

For someone that lives in a warmer part of the world you can definitely get away with doing your aquaponic gardening directly outdoors without the need for a temperature controlled greenhouse.

If however you live in a temperate region of the world then you will be dealing with shifting seasons and varying temperatures. This means you have to either grow indoors, setup an aquaponics greenhouse in your backyard, or only grow directly outdoors in the warmer months.

Here’s a map of the world’s temperature zones, and below that I’ve written a quick breakdown of the best approach for aquaponics in each of these temperature zones.

*Photo Courtesty of Wikipedia

Temperate Region (Green Area on Map)

  • Can grow indoors (home or greenhouse) all year round
  • Can grow directly outdoors in the warmer months
  • Can move a smaller system from indoors to outdoors depending on the season
  • Since temperature is controlled or less extreme: can grow a wider variety of fish and plants.

Subtropical & Tropical Climate (Yellow & Pink Area on Map)

  • Can grow directly outdoors all year round
  • Choosing proper fish and plant species is important

Boreal Climate (Purple Area on Map)

  • Indoors is your safest bet.
  • Some outdoor is possible in the warmer months with careful selection of plants and fish.
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The 5 Key Benefits of a Backyard System

Your Backyard is The Perfect Place to Setup an Aquaponics Garden! - Saradent

Your Backyard is The Perfect Place to Setup an Aquaponics Garden! – Saradent

So why should you choose to setup your system in your backyard? What’s better about setting up a system “out there” instead of in your house, at the side of your house, on your patio, or at the front of your house?

Here are some of the advantages you might want to keep in mind when planning how and where you wish to setup your garden.

  • More space: This means you can have a bigger garden, more room to work, and room to expand in the future should you choose to do so. If you decide to setup a greenhouse then you could easily expand it or build another one and link the two systems together.
  • Bigger Fish & More Plants: With more space in the backyard comes the ability to raise bigger species of fish, and of course gain a much greater yield of both fish and plants when it comes time to harvest.
  • Easier temperature control: If you grow indoors, you have to keep in mind that there may be some difficulties in reconciling the temperature of your grow area with that of your living space. This isn’t really a big deal if you only have a small setup using plants that don’t require warmer temperatures, but it can also be a real pain depending on your specific circumstances.
  • Privacy & Security: Some people locate their garden at the front of their house, and sometimes this can be an ideal situation depending on sunlight, but you might want to keep in mind that depending on where you live this could raise concerns of privacy and food security.
  • Flexibility: With a garden inside your house, in the front yard, or on a patio or veranda, you become very limited in what you can do. With the backyard however you have the flexibility to experiment and expand as much as you need or want. Trust me, you become like a kid in a sandbox. This stuff is so much fun!

An aquaponics system in the backyard may not be the ideal situation for many people. For instance if you are just getting started and want to experiment with a small indoor system, that may be your best bet.

With that said, I highly recommend the backyard as the absolute best place to setup your system. If you can put aside a space for a greenhouse, and a space to grow directly outdoors in the warmer months then that is even better!

How to Get Started – Backyard Aquaponics Step by Step

Are you ready to setup your own backyard aquaponics garden?

Many people choose to purchase a pre-built system, but for those who want to save money and reap the benefits of a DIY approach, there are some fantastic high quality step-by-step guides that will take you each step of the way.

Building your system should be cheap, easy and fun – Even as a Total Beginner! – Not expensive, time consuming, or frustrating…

Click the link below to see my recommendations and to get your own step-by-step guide that will ensure the success of your DIY Aquaponics Project!

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There’s no better time to grow your own food. With rising food prices and an increase in preservatives and genetically modified foods, now is the time to ensure that you and your family receive the healthiest, most nutritious, and cheapest food possible!